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Développé - OAB Capital Campaign

Training Omaha's Dancers for 50 More Years

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We're almost there, help us get over the finish line!

dé·vel·op·pé French, from past participle of développer, to develop; see develop. A ballet movement in which one leg is raised to the knee of the supporting leg and fully extended.

The campaign seeks to raise $2.0 million to fund:

• Building purchase and renovation ($1,500,000)

• Program expansion, community engagement, and scholarship funding ($250,000)

• Ongoing building maintenance ($250,000)

Since 1962, OAB has built a record of accomplishment by training youth and adults in the art of classical ballet. We seek to create a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue careers in professional ballet or continue as dance majors in college, as well as recreational dancers who seek to learn traditional ballet for self-enrichment and fitness purposes.

In 2016, we relocated to our permanent home at 72nd and Cass Streets. Since moving into our new studio location, the OAB student body has increased 36% to 429 students with a 19% increase in racial diversity. In 2017, we engaged over 3,600 people in dance opportunities. In 2018, we are set to provide 150 underserved students with free ballet classes in our after school program Dance Away Your Afternoons.

We are $175,000 short of reaching our goals for the Community Engagement and Building Maintenance funds. By completing the Developpé Campaign, we guarantee future generations of dancers will benefit from OAB's unique model of dance instruction. Your continued support will ensure OAB's longevity and progress toward the following objectives:

• Increasing our enrollment to further maximize our beautiful new facility;

• Maintaining our commitment to affordable dance training for all by increasing need-based scholarship awards;

• Growing community outreach through dance performances and events;

• Continuing to offer professional-style performance opportunities to local and regional dancers, choreographers, and musicians.

Realizing our goal will also satisfy a $200,000 matching challenge grant we received for the Building Maintenance Fund.

Thank you for all of your generous donations so far! So far we've raised 89% of our goal, please consider getting us over the finish line with your donation today. The Développé - OAB Capital Campaign will secure our future for generations to come!

A very special thank you to the following foundations for their incredible commitment to OAB and cultivating dance in Omaha:


The Sherwood Foundation

Holland Foundation

The Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation

The Sunderland Foundation

Union Pacific Foundation